At Shumaker & Sieffert, our patent prosecution services are designed to deliver high quality patent and prosecution work product on a timely basis with minimal disruption to the busy schedules of inventors and in-house counsel.  

Patent Application Drafting

Our patent attorneys are trained to tailor patent drafting and prosecution strategy to the specific goals of each client, whether that requires helping inventors extrapolate their ideas toward broad patent coverage or focusing protection on particular commercial sectors or products. 

We recognize that depth of disclosure, including consideration of alternatives, can be very important in promoting successful enforcement or licensing.  Accordingly, our patent attorneys work with inventors to not only identify the key inventive features, but also convey a range of possibilities for realizing those features. 

The patent attorneys at Shumaker & Sieffert are highly experienced in draf​ting patent applications suitable for global prosecution and enforcement.  Our patent attorneys are keenly aware of international differences in patent law, and strive to create one document that can be effectively filed, prosecuted and enforced in many different jurisdictions.   Notably, Shumaker & Sieffert is one of the top Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) filers in the United States. 

Patent Prosecution

Our patent attorneys endeavor to advance prosecution toward allowance while balancing delay and iteration versus preservation of claim scope and the client's practical objectives.  

We have found that Examiner interviews and various programs for expediting patent protection can be helpful, and use them frequently.  Shumaker & Sieffert has extensive experience, in particular, with Track One prioritized examination in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  ​

Shumaker & Sieffert patent attorneys not only file a vast number of PCT applications, but also prosecute most of them through Chapter II examination.  Prosecution of PCT applications can place an application in position for prompt and favorable consideration upon National Phase filing, and provides the firm with important experience working with European Patent Office (EPO) patent examiners.