Our Technologies

Shumaker & Sieffert provides patent legal services in a variety of technology areas. Our areas of expertise include the electrical, software, chemical, and medical device fields. Clients are strategically matched with a team of patent attorneys according to technology and client objectives.

Our level of exposure to these technology areas allows us to produce high-quality services by avoiding common learning curves and facilitating in-depth knowledge transfer from inventors to legal professionals. Our strategic processes cut to the inventive core and reduce the technical review load often encountered during the patent preparation/prosecution phase. We provide dedicated groups to our clients to ensure that each client project is performed by highly skilled and experienced attorneys within that technology area.


The Shumaker & Sieffert Chemical Practice Group provides technical expertise in a wide range of areas within the chemical and industrial arts, with emphasis on polymers and polymeric films, food processing, coatings, alloys, adhesives, electronic devices, medical devices and diagnostics, specialty chemicals, sanitizing products, agricultural products, analytical chemistry, and petroleum products.


The Shumaker & Sieffert Electrical Practice Group provides technical expertise in the electrical and electronics fields. We have a strength and depth for patent work in these fields that few law firms possess.

For many years, Shumaker & Sieffert has been a go-to firm for organizations seeking expertise in the areas of electronics, electrical circuitry, computer architecture, graphics processing, imaging, display, compression, signal processing, video coding, audio coding, telecommunication including wireless, computer networking, sensing, semiconductor devices and fabrication, data storage, and more.

Medical Devices

The Shumaker & Sieffert Medical Device Practice Group provides technical expertise over a range of medical device technologies and is unmatched in the field of medical device patent protection.

Intellectual Asset Magazine (IAM) has identified Shumaker & Sieffert as one of the highest quality patent law firms in the United States for healthcare industry patents.

The range of medical device experience at Shumaker & Sieffert is vast and includes extensive work with implantable devices for delivering spinal cord stimulation, deep brain stimulation, pelvic floor stimulation, gastric stimulation, peripheral nerve stimulation, cardiac pacing, cardiac defibrillation, as well as drug pumps, sensors, stents, catheters, wound dressings, surgical tools for cardiac surgery, brain surgery, and thoracic surgery.


The Shumaker & Sieffert Software Practice Group features a skilled team of computer engineers, computer scientists, and electrical engineers, many of whom have significant industry experience and advanced degrees in computer science and engineering.

The Software Practice Group provides a full-stack technical range, with particular expertise working with operating systems including mobile operating systems, database software, user interface design including mobile user interface design, streaming, data storage, security, anti-fraud, cloud computing, virtualization, Internet and eCommerce technologies, computer networking, graphics processing, imaging, display, compression, encryption, signal processing, video coding, and audio coding.