Professional Experience

Jennifer is a patent attorney whose practice focuses on the areas of software and electronics. During law school, Jennifer served as an intern for Judge Paulette Flynn of the Ramsey County District Court in Saint Paul. Prior to beginning a career in law, she assisted with condensed matter research at the University of Minnesota School of Physics and Astronomy. Jennifer is a former Executive Editor of Minnesota Journal of Global Trade (now Minnesota Journal of International Law).

Jennifer is an active member of AIPLA. She currently serves as Chair of the AIPLA Online Programs committee. She also participated as a panelist in the Women in IP Law committee meeting “Business Plan Boot Camp” at the 2007 AIPLA Spring Meeting in Boston.


Jennifer M. Rogers, Note, The TRIPS Council’s Solution to the Paragraph 6 Problem: Toward Compulsory Licensing Viability for Developing Countries, 13 Minn. J. Global Trade 443 (2004).